It’s giggling!

The little guy laughed for the first time on Tuesday, 12/17.

photo (7)

It even included heart melting squeaks for good measure. Still takes a good effort to get it out of him 3 days later, but there’s no turning back now. Around the same time, he’s loudly babbling every chance he gets. It’s morning play time! Babble babble babble. It’s time to watch papa put away dishes! Babble babble babble. We’re going on a drive! Babble babble babble. It’s time to be quiet and go to sleep! Babble babble babble. This kid is going to be a talker.


Have I mentioned that Baby is turning out to be a giant? He’s less than four months old and now requires clothing for six month olds. The six to nine month clothing also seem to fit comfortably. Sending in a sample of the breast milk to check for HGHs soon. Wife says he’s bigger than other babies his age at her Peps group, and I seem to spot one-year-olds out in the world that don’t look much bigger than Baby. Not sure what’s going on here, but it might be Baby’s fun little game he’s playing on papa’s lower back.
Baby also now wants to put everything he can touch in his mouth. When I give him my finger to practice gripping, he moves straight to pulling it in his mouth. When I sweetly nuzzle his cheek with my nose, he just attacks it like a candy apple. He’s decided that sleeves, toys, swaddle blankets, and strands of hair violently pulled from parent’s scalps are all food. I guess it’s still manageable since he can only eat what we put within reach.
Last important note: we took him to a Christmas party tonight and he did well. Probably as a thank you to papa, who put on the Christmas outfit purchased at full retail for $20. Not proud to have made that purchase as it in no way benefits Baby himself, but still. So cute! I will allow myself one or two purchases of this kind per year, I think.

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