What do we do?!

We’ve got some big decisions to make very soon about childcare.


I’m going back to work in two weeks. Wife’s leave is up in three. My return to work is a given, so Wife’s next move is the big decision.

Three options:

  1. Wife goes back to full time work
  2. Wife looks for part time work at more interesting new job
  3. Wife quits work and continues being with Baby

Lots of factors here, including career progression, need for sleep, need for time away from Baby, need for time with Baby, and so on. I think it comes down to what will be best for the overall health and happiness of our family. But that still leaves all three options on the table. Will Wife be happiest re-entering the productive work force? Will that be better as full or part time? Can she handle being away from Baby all day? HOW CAN SHE GET THE MOST SLEEP?

On childcare: we have an offer for free, part time help from Grandma. If Wife goes full time then we’ll need to find someone/somewhere for the other half of the day. The good news is that Baby seems to be very social and well adjusted, and I believe will be fine with others. This doesn’t factor in the possible change of developing “stranger danger,” so I shouldn’t assume anything at this point.

These are three very different choices that will have a big impact on all of us, and we don’t know what the right answer is. I have a slight preference for Wife not returning to work, as it feels like the safer choice. I do think we’ll be able to make any of the options work, however, and getting Wife involved with things other than Baby might do great things for her sanity. It also might force us to figure out more childcare options and maybe even occasional night doula help that will improve the sleep situation at home.

What to do?

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