Superbowl! Go Hawks!

I make the best guacamole, and to not bring it to my friend’s annual Superbowl party would cause a lot of sadness at this point.

photo (27)

Baby is loving the blue and green Seahawks colors. It was not an accident, Baby, glad you noticed.

Can we take a moment to discuss the Superbowl? Is it even fair that the Seahawks play in this league? I would’ve preferred the fun of a close game, but damn. As a Seattle fan, there was no lack of excitement in the complete dismantling of Denver today. I’m not scared to go ahead and declare next year’s championship will belong to us as well.

The defense will be just as good, and the offense will only be better. We’re also going to clinch home field for the playoffs again, obviously, so the only foreseeable threat in the 49ers will have to beat us in Seattle if they want to take us down. Carolina supposedly will be a threat too, but I don’t follow their business so I’ll believe it when I see it.

Oh yeah, the guacamole. Here’s how you make it:

photo (28)

Make sure you add the right amount of salt at the end.

The Seahawks will be the next NFL dynasty as long as Pete Carroll and John Schneider stay here. Their system obviously works, and their ability to find the right talent/attitude/work ethic will overcome the inevitable loss of a few soon to be expensive players. My hope is we will continue finding and developing young talent to stay ahead of the resulting salary cap issues. I also believe that players will take a lower salary to stay here – not enough to keep Everyone, but at least more so than any other team in history.

Bold claims. But truth. Wait and see.

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