Sick of school, but only literally

Baby is finally getting better after nearly two weeks of sickness.


The fears of the petri dish that is preschool is coming to fruition. Is constant sickness going to be a staple in our home for years to come? Poor guy has inherited from Mama’s side of the family the physiology of coughing himself to the point of puking. He went maybe four or five nights in a row of throwing up this way about an hour into falling asleep. On the worst night it happened about four or five times in a row over a two hour period. Each time he’d either say “all done” or “not fun” in a very sad and defeated voice 😦

Speaking of night time, he also talks in his sleep (this is probably from my genes). Last night he said “it’s a tunnel!” This is what I say most times when driving through a tunnel. Recently he said “wanna pick you up” which is still his way of asking to be picked up. I like the idea of him having dreams of his parents, even though he’s probably having a lot of school related dreams these days.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I keep getting reminders of how some things are gone forever. No more adorable baby words for watermelon (wah-wah), tofu (topu), coconut water (coco), and my favorite, spatula (spa-balala). However, we did have something like that happen recently on our vacation to Montana: the rental car was known as the bento car. Never heard of a better sounding car than that.

A big milestone is coming up this week and it’s probably more about Mama, who is taking a four night work trip away from Baby. She’s never had more than one night away and this also involves being a three hour plane ride away too. Although she’s working on finding a reason to bail on the plan as I type this, she will be flying out tonight. She suggested I record her reading a story to play for Baby. I’m away from the house at the moment and I’m concerned she’s also building some kind of mannequin in her likeness and will have instructions for me to work the figurine like a puppet and feed Baby through it during dinner time.

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