Playing games

This will be a list of his current favorite games.


  1. He has me run towards him to attack, and then reaches towards Mama and says “pick me up! protect me from Papa!”
  2. During meal time, he holds up a bite of food and says “for Papa.” As I come in to take the thoughtfully offered bite, he eats it while maintaining confident eye contact with me.
  3. “Where’s Baby?” he says as he hides behind the curtain on the couch. I’m only allowed to find him if he leaves clues like a hand or foot sticking out.
  4. In response to just about anything I ask for (snuggle, kiss, etc) he will comply – except give it to Mama instead of me.
  5. He crawls inside Mama’s shirt when I try to get him. When I get close and ask if it’s him in there, he’ll say “it’s just a baby!” to avoid the attack. This game was created by Mama who has rather enjoyed her role in all these games.
  6. Spending over an hour in a bubble bath.

These are all the interactive games he loves. He’s also pretty much living in the new (used) train table set he got from santa. Speaking of santa, everything is about opening presents now after his recent windfall.


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