Baby sister!

With a due date of October 1st, our hands are going to be full.


It’s hard to imagine, but the easy days of having just one will be over. Truth be told, the thought of going through this all over again while caring for a growing toddler is terrifying. So let’s ignore all the reasons why and focus on the good stuff:

We’re done. I don’t want three kids, and it’s actually a relief knowing that all the hard things coming up will be the last time. There was something subtly stressful about this past three years related to the freedom of choice around whether we have a second child. Mama and I want two kids in theory, but do we sign the dotted line to go through it again? If so, when do we do it? Theoretically, we do it when we’re ready. Are we ready? Not really. Will we ever feel ready? Probably, but maybe not for another ten years. Is that a reasonable time to wait? Maybe, but it’s not really how we envision sibling life for them. So I guess we should do it now? Well no, we’re not ready. Well when will we be ready? Ahhhh I don’t know. And so on.

Seems like the right time (for them). Three years apart is still close enough to be buds at some point, but far enough away that Mama and I didn’t completely lose our shit if this would’ve happened a year ago. I anticipate having number two to be exponentially harder at first, but I really like the idea of them having each other as playmates once baby sister gets a little older.

Side note: mathematically speaking, two squared is four, same as two times two. So, even if having two kids is exponentially harder, at this headcount, it’s the same difficulty as only being twice as hard. Ok, glad we worked that one out.

Once baby sister gets to that right age, both kids will have each other’s energy to stay busy. I love playing with Baby, but I’m getting older and I can’t keep up with him all the time. My childhood would have been a lot more dull had I required my mom’s attention and energy during the considerable amount of downtime not spent with friends.

We’re going to have a little girl! That means I get another round of papa time (which is likely now over and done with with Baby). As far as life experiences go, we get the complete experience of raising both genders. I also like the idea of a girl having an older brother (maybe mostly to protect her and scare the boys a bit, later in life).

Now we know what to plan for. Being that childcare before public schooling is insanely expensive, we at least know what period of time the costs will double up, as well as when there will be relief. Considering my ongoing interest in The Plan, this is crucial information in figuring out when a big life/career change can happen. Costs will be at a maximum for about three years after baby sister comes along so dual income will be very helpful during that time.

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