Bye bye front tooth

Poor guy had to have his tooth pulled.


It’s been over six months now I think, but Nashi banged his mouth pretty hard at school once. One of his front teeth, we thought, got jammed enough to damage its roots. Sure enough, the tooth started to get grey over time. The dentist finally decided to pull it in order to avoid a painful abscess that risks connections to the brain as well.

Today was the day. We’ve been talking up the tooth fairy, and I randomly decided to make up an extra tidbit about how the tooth fairy gives a really big present when you lose your first tooth. I did this because we got him a scooter for the present – this guy right here. Not only did I want to get him excited about this, but also wanted to avoid setting a precedent that this type of present shall be expected for every little tooth in the future. Timing is great for the scooter too, because I wanted to get him one anyway and this way we have the spring and summer to enjoy it rather than wait for this late August birthday.

Sneaking in some baby Papaya stuff:

  • First off, she loves Nashi and laughs her ass off at just about everything he does
  • She sits up now with little risk of falling over
  • She wants to move around but has yet to figure out scooting
  • We all love her very much

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