The Papaya keeps growing

And she’s thrilled.


She scooches – with one leg forward and one behind, she’s now free to move about the house. She can maneuver in a crawling position but prefers the scooch for longer trips.

She rawr’s – this one she learned from her brother.

She’s big – Mama’s tracking actual weight. All Papa knows is, she’s big. And chunky.

She’s hungry – she loves all food and she wants to eat lots of it. This became a problem, in that it literally ate into her milk intake so we’ve had to start dialing it back a notch.

She’s hangry – she doesn’t appreciate us dialing it back a notch and growls when we dare slow down the feeding.

She’s toothless – Nashi had four teeth by now, but so far not a one. She can’t wait to get them, not because of teething pain (which is happening), but because she wants to eat all our food.

She’s talking – she waves and says “bye bye.” Also pretty good at banana, flower, papa, mama, and water. We also have a game/conversation where we take turns doing a “BPPHhhhh!” sound at each other.

She sleeps – better than Nashi did anyway. Still sleeps next to Mama, and biggest challenge is she sometimes wakes around 4am and is ready to party for an hour. Other times she’s ready to party at 5:30am. Sometimes she sleeps until 7am.

She had a seizure – just sort of sneaking this little story of trauma in here. She had a fever for several days and finally had something called a febrile seizure. She lost consciousness and her face and lips turned blue. Fucking scary. Also got a UTI around that time which required antibiotics for two weeks. Rough times for a couple weeks and now we will spend the rest of the summer paranoid about keeping her cool and hydrated on hot days.

But onto the best news: return of Papa time! Putting her down for a nap in the crib started becoming difficult and a period of neediness several weeks back instigated the change. Here I was, thinking it was just not going to happen this time around and then BOOM it all changes. One of my favorite things about the baby stage is having them sleep on my chest and it’s probably her favorite thing too, yep.

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