All about the boy

He’s a proud four year old and a new school year has begun.


First we’ll start with the hair. He says he wants to grow it out until it’s as long as mama’s hair. It seems likely this boy will share his dad’s destiny of growing up being mistaken for a girl.

He’s moved up a class at preschool and seems to be doing just fine. He’s been there two year now and it’s wild to see him become one of the bigger kids in school. Mama and I are now talking more seriously about starting him in kindergarten next year since it’s a decision to be made for a summer birthday kid like him. The financial benefit would be significant, but it’s mostly that he’s trending comfortably towards being ready for the move up. I did think it would be cute to see him there next year as little Papaya starts, but not $2k/month-cute.

Speaking of school, he’s recently had this concept of “stink bugs” that I think he got from a friend or story at school. He’s now afraid of them and says he hears them at home and wants to hide under the covers. Mama thinks he’s hearing his own heartbeat or something because it’s always really quiet whenever he hears them. He’s clearly going through some developmental stuff. Over the weekend he’s been getting soaked in sweat at night and he even took a three hour nap on my lap. All his big kid clothing are starting to look small on him so we’re probably just a few months from needing to get a whole new set of four year old attire.

His emergency threenager status has also continued to go away. No longer a behavioral nightmare, although he still has his moments. Sometimes when we follow through on taking something away, he gets really mad and says “you’re a stupid!” I secretly find this endearing, because we taught him that it’s not a nice word maybe a half year ago and thus became his first swear word to be busted out in a pinch.

We’ve got a long way to go before he’s safe playing with Papaya. Still territorial with toys and even hides the valuables up high. Still too rough with her, and we recently had our first (of many, most likely) head collision between the two which left both of them crying on the bed. But he really loves his sister and says so all the time. Even asked when Mama was going to have another baby. Nashi, we’re not going to have another baby, unless you’re willing to take care of the nights for the first two years and also chip in for childcare. And ensure safe and painless passage through Mama.

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