We’re still alive

But barely made it through Seattle Snomageddon 2019.


I should’ve written it all down, but this month we worked through lots of lingering sickness, unplanned snow days, more sickness, and then more snow days. That means way too many days at home with far too few options of things to do. It was touch and go for a while.

One of the reasons why it was tough is that I got a new job! It started in the beginning of January, which means more childcare logistics in general, extreme struggles of both parents attempting to work from home during snow storms, and loss of extra time spent thinking about updating a blog.

But back to the kids, let’s have a story:

They now both love to pick out their own plates or bowls before eating. Sounds cute, but it’s just the worst. First, it’s a race to the cabinet and screaming and crying over who gets their body in their first, followed by papa yelling at one or both about not knocking each other down and doing it one at a time. Then, it’s both of them making sure they get the exact color of plate or bowl that they know the other wants (usually the light blue bowl). They will actually change their mind if they learn they chose one that the other didn’t want. This means guaranteed conflict literally each time. Papa has to mediate.

I’d like to go back in time and visit us parents – then just a childless married couple spending stress free time at Macy’s with no care in the world around dinner time, bed time, or the following morning’s kiddo drop off plan – and yell at them while they pick out fiestaware: “YOUR FUTURE KIDS WILL FIGHT OVER COLORS! EVERY DAMN TIME! GET THE WHITE SET!”

Update on school: Nashi was really starting to struggle in Kindergarten for a while, but has been trending in a good direction. Papaya is now solidly in her terrible twos, and insists on everything happening just so. They are a handful, but we’re seeing little moments of them playing together well. Very few, and very far between. But when it happens, it’s amazing. They actually chat together about what’s happening and what to do next. Usually it’s about making forts (“dungeons”) out of couch cushions.

They both love potty humor, and one of the most commonly hear phrases in our halls is “poo poo butt cheek fart butt.” When it happens, it’s on repeat.

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