The first week

On Sunday afternoon, our little fantasy land of having a baby met reality – the baby is home.

photo (2)

Our best guess is to continue the routine we observed in the hospital. The good news that newborns are supposedly very mellow in the first two weeks, which is what we’ve noticed thus far. Didn’t even cry the first time I clumsily changed his diaper. Keep it up, Baby!

I’ve taken the week off, and am ready to hole up with our little family for a while. He’s mostly sleeping, occasionally eating from the Mama, with regular diaper changes. The cloth diapers are right there staring at me, but I’m hesitant (and scared) to try something new.

Nighttime is now scarier, since there aren’t any nurses scheduled to come in every two hours. From what I’ve read, just about anything can suffocate our child. A blanket, a pillow, a parent’s arm or chest. I swaddled him and put him in a co-sleeper. Still worried he’ll stop breathing, so I have to keep the light on all night, every night.

Throughout the week, two things are becoming clear:

  1. This is the cutest little baby that has ever been created
  2.  I love this little guy more than any dad has ever loved their baby

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