The second week

Another dose of reality – going back to work.

photo (3)

Being first time parents is a really big deal. Possibly the most significant event in our lives? Feels completely ridiculous that after nine days, I’m back at work. I want to spend at least three full months at home with Wife and Baby. I want to be there to fully support Wife. I want to hold Baby as much as possible. I want to spend all waking hours either holding Baby, doing chores for Wife, or researching baby stuff.

My work situation doesn’t afford me any flexibility, unfortunately. I chose to switch industries almost a year ago, and it would set my career back to take leave now. I regret not putting myself in a better position to allow for more time at home right now.

So here I am, working full time again. Wife is getting support from family during the day, but it’s all much harder on her now. And Baby is still on the quite side. We’re told week 2 – 6 is going to get louder.

Best part of week 2: papa time! I get home from work by 6pm, and Wife has Baby recently fed and changed. This allows me to slip in, set up shop in bed, and have Baby sleeping on my chest for the next 2 hours. This time is not just my favorite part of the day. It’s one of the best feelings I’ve ever had in my life. I love having the little guy sprawled out on me and sleeping comfortably. I’m cheating a little bit, since Wife has to get him sleeping to then transfer over to me, but I’ll gladly take it. Love my little son.

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