Getting strong!

Lots of stuff going on with Baby, but lazy papa hasn’t gotten around to an update.


Baby is now over three months old and is a giant (twice as heavy and long as week 1). Here we are on Lumi Island celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary. Wedding, and nine months later, baby. Just as God intended.

Still don’t have a job, and have been loving the extra time to spend with Baby, cook, clean, exercise, and watch Lost (for the second time). Mama doesn’t bother pretending that she’s sorry I got fired, it’s been great for all of us! Been taking stabs here and there at new jobs but nothing yet. Hopefully I’ll be starting a new job next month, as income is important and I don’t want too large a hole in my resume.

Back to Baby. Biggest news is his improving neck muscles. Still not 100% but he’s far less floppy and that’s very exciting for us. Mama has noticed he’s not a fan of looking left, and turns out that’s called tortacollace. She was worried that it could be something serious, but it should be okay. We’ve been working on PT suggestions and it has already helped (simple things like more tummy time and encouraging looking left). I thought maybe he’s just not an ambi-turner.

He’s been really fussy this past week, needing more attention and movement to stay calm. He had always been happy to be set down in his bouncer to watch papa do dishes, for example, but even that move hasn’t worked lately. What! It may be some kind of growth phase. What a baby. Still cute as ever, and has the best baby smile in history. Looking forward to when he starts laughing, I wonder when it will be?

He’s been grabbing things a lot more, and is clearly getting interested in bringing things to his mouth. Also drools like a farm animal. His new favorite activity is being carried in the Superman position and flown around the room. This is a great activity, not only because Superman is awesome but it counts as tummy time since he’s holding up his (gigantic) head. Every new thing he does is rather exciting, and I’m assuming the learned activities will increase exponentially. This old man will not be able to keep up at some point. That’s exactly when he’ll be assigned chores.

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