On Monday, November 4th I walked into a meeting at work and got fired.

 photo (6)

I sold software. Evidently, not enough. Really liked the company I worked for, very disappointed in my results.

The good news is obvious: more time with this little guy! And better able to support Wife (not financially, of course, I’m unemployed now).

The bad news is also obvious: no income is no good. Health insurance is only good through the end of November.

In an ideal world, I can enjoy the new found time off and have a good job waiting for me in January. I have no clue how likely this is to happen, but why not hope for the best.  For the time being, this is the plan. Also wouldn’t mind having a more secure position next time.

This raises a big question: how am I going to be the best dad for Baby?

For the time being, I want a decent paying job with benefits. Lots to think about moving forward. I don’t want to work 50 hours a week throughout Baby’s entire childhood. Gotta figure out a sustainable spending vs earning plan I trust that gives me time with Baby. What if people have it backwards? The conventional wisdom of career building now and retiring later makes sense from a purely financial perspective. But what good is it for children? Spend more time at work now when I have a little one at home to be with, and then retire after Baby’s grown up and moved out of the house?

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