Two quick questions for Baby

When are you going to sleep, and when are you going to poop?

photo (13)

We’ll start with the second question first. Baby, you’re going on four, maybe five days without any reasonable amount of poo poo coming out. What gives. I’m this close to serving up a pot of coffee to get things going. Mama, Grandma, and I must be involved in some kind of Russian Poo Poo Roulette at this point.

Second question: Isn’t it time for you to go the fuck to sleep?. Mama is suffering. Mama and Papa and both in the process of looking for jobs (part time for Mama), and this current state makes us feel like holding down a job will be impossible.

Baby is sleeping in bed with us, but spends half the night squirming, whining, and being overly dependent on constant boob access. That means no sleep for Mama. It’s now time for us to consider sleep training, or have Baby sleep with me in the night. Did I mention that Mama is suffering?

Baby is great during the day. Monday’s physical therapy went well; Baby is much stronger in the neck. Left side is still weaker, but we’re on a good path and I don’t feel there’s anything to worry about there.

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