Baby eats blueberries!

And experiences bitter/sour for the first time.

photo (24)

Food! We’re now going to slowly introduce solid food, and blueberries were the first. Wife sent me some cute pictures of the first tasting, and I got a good shot of Sour Face later. We did feel bad about the sour/bitterness, so next up is avocado. I’m excited for the day when I can fully feed Baby throughout any given day. He rejected the bottle a couple months ago, just to be as dependent on Mama as much as humanly possible. We’re slowly working on addressing this as well, but you can’t force a baby to eat, it turns out.

For the record, here’s Mama’s proof that Baby had a good first blueberry experience:


Current sleep status: we’re hoping he’s transitioning to a six month baby’s sleep schedule. I feel him inching towards two long naps a day. For a while there, he was mostly napping 30 to 45 minutes every 90 minutes. He’s back to taking some 1 to 2 hour naps, or so I determine at the end of the day when reading the sleep notes. The night time however, is still a big struggle. He goes to bed at 7 pm like a good little boy. We never really had to “cry it out,” as he’d sort of whimper a bit then sleep. Then he wakes up around 9:30 pm and Wife feeds him. Then it’s on and off the rest of the night, some worse than others. In any case, we’re far from a one or two feedings a night type schedule, and Wife desperately needs it.

A crazy phenomenon: Baby has already grown enough that looking back through “older” pictures is crazy. He looks so different every month! So glad I got fired and spent three months at home. Seeing six months of change in rapid photo browsing form would’ve made me feel like I’m missing out on his life because of work. Turns out, it feels similar even having been there. Glad to know that feeling doesn’t just exist when you’re working full time. A good friend of mine keeps insisting on enjoying it because of how fast it all happens, and I’m seeing what he means. It’s both the slowest and fastest thing I’ve ever experienced.

I think Baby’s next physical milestone might be to sit up on his own. Or does crawling happen first? Not sure, but this kid wants to move! His legs are powerful, and when he decides diaper changing time is a wrestling match, it’s on. Don’t get me started on bath time. It’s getting a little too close to being like trying to bathe an uncooperative dog. Difference is he loves splashing around, and doesn’t realize how much harder on me it is to keep him from injuring himself. He needs to either sit upright in the sink or be in the actual tub. It’s actually been a very amusing process.

One last thing: he loves munching on his foot! Ok fine one last picture.

photo (25)

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