Baby eats food!

New milestones keep creeping up on us.

photo (29)

Mama has created an avocado/banana/coconut oil blend and freezes little chunks. Stick  it in a little mesh bag and we’re having some food eatin’ good times! Results are a bit hit and miss, which I suppose is understandable considering he’s never eaten real food in the history of Baby. Watching him gobble it up is a sight to behold when he’s diggin’ it.

And speaking of a sight to behold.

Baby’s body sure does something special with this new food. I’m convinced he takes it in, darkens the food to a super deep green, triples the mass, and has a celebratory poop explosion.

In other news, Baby now sleeps in a real crib on a real mattress. This takes away one of my go-to papa moves for getting Baby to sleep, which was the rocking motion of the Pack n’ Play. Now the solid bed prevents any rocking motion, and my attempt to do it anyway was just an irritating shoving motion that probably further angered Baby. The new solution is the sweetest thing in the world: gently rub his chest and sing to him. It works, but not if he’s angry. Mama has reason to believe the mattress will help him sleep.

Last note: Baby is starting to feel heavy! Not sure how that’s possible considering my new theory that solid food is generating more weight in poop than is being consumed. Still, he feels heavier. He’s growing!

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