Happy Mother’s Day!

Eight and a half months later, it’s Mother’s Day!

photo (31)

This year feels like Mother’s Day is more significant than any other holiday that’s coming up. To adequately describe the role Mama plays in Baby’s life is not possible, but here are a few snippets.

The only sustenance Baby had for at least the first six months of his life was breast milk. Not only is formula super expensive, which makes breast a huge money saver, there’s no way it’s as good for Baby. Mama is healthy in general, but she is consistently conscientious about what she puts in her body for Baby’s sake. Add this to pregnancy and we’re going on a long time spanning countless food choices designed to give Baby the best possible food. Wow. News on food: baby is now eating mushed up real food on a daily basis! Very messy process, with meat especially. Thorough cleanup is extra important because of summer season’s ants. Baby also tends to rub his eyes when he gets food on his hands, which doesn’t feel like a great move with ground meat. He also has four total teeth now! Not sure he’s using them to chew food yet, but he definitely uses them when biting Papa’s nose.
I like to think that Baby loves his papa, perhaps more than any baby has ever loved their papa. He seems to be happy to see me and play with me, but just wait until he’s upset. When he truly yearns for comfort, only Mama can deliver. Cranky Baby sometimes (often) just plain needs Mama, and these are times that Papa just won’t do. Night time is the perfect example – just last night, Mama fed Baby in bed and got him all relaxed. That allowed Baby to fall asleep next to Papa to give her a little time to herself.

In the interest of actually getting a post up, I’ll cut it off here. Both Baby and I are very lucky to have this mama in our lives!

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