Baby on the move!

Now we can’t turn our back on him for more than a few seconds.


So much physical development since the last post. For starters, he began sitting up with assistance, and within days could do it all on his own. Around the same time, his clockwise rotation started looking like the beginnings of scooting forward. Within days, this happened too (at least on smooth surfaces). He’s attaining more and more physical control over his surroundings and loving it. I remember the good ol’ days when tummy time was quite the work out for the little guy. Now he’s almost refusing to stay on his back unless he’s playing with a ball or sleeping. When’s crawling supposed to happen?

Teething news: This just in (2 weeks ago), Baby has two lower teeth! In related news (2 weeks ago), Papa learned that hard way of his underestimation regarding the damage teeth cause. No more sticking my finger or knuckle in his mouth. Good luck to breast-feeding Mama. His upper gums are allegedly getting a bit swollen these days, does this mean he will be ready for some corn on the cob soon?

A sleeping change has occurred as well. A very sympathetic Mama brought Baby into the bed during the worst of his teething pain. Said Mama also read a book that favored attachment and closeness. End result, Baby has been sleeping with parents in the bed the past few weeks, and this may be the indefinite plan moving forward. I’m a little concerned about his ability to transition back when the time comes, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think it has been super sweet having him back. Baby clearly loves it as well, and it’s very easy to convince me that overall, this is a good thing for the little guy. Does this mean he’s never moving out after high school?

The work life balance is going decently. I’m off work at a reasonable hour about half the time, and have squeezed in a little bonus midweek Papa time here and there which has been wonderfully grounding. The more Baby gets up to, the more varied the cute pictures I get sent during day as well, all of which moves the week along quite nicely. If I’m low on sleep by the weekend, I catch up effortlessly by napping during Papa time. Pretty good system going on here. What big change will we have to adjust to next?

The next big change will no doubt be crawling and walking, actually. Our house does not currently lend itself well to these upcoming activities. Wife is looking into remodeling options this week.

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