So far so good

The Papa Slumber Party is going on past a week now.

Here’s the schedule: Baby sleeps straight through to around midnight, then whimpers. I try to “shhhhhhh” him back to sleep and reassure him there’s a loving parent still there. This repeats throughout the rest of the night until morning. The challenge is whether or not we can avoid him crying outright, as that requires lifting him up out of the bed and bouncing him back to sleep.

Actually, the real challenge was getting him to make it through the night without requiring milk from Mama, but that was accomplished on first attempt and has been okay ever since. Great news! Better news, he’s actually whimpered a little less in the recent evenings, maybe only once last night. What? Am I rewarded for avoiding the supposedly unavoidable sleep training? The dreaded cry it out method is still being kept away. Baby, you don’t even know. Papa is working hard to keep that hairy beast from entering the room.

We’ve also been putting Baby in the crib for naps. He doesn’t like it but we’re hoping he’ll get used to it. As a result, I haven’t had Papa Time in weeks and it’s created a void in my life. Having a sweet baby sleep through the night next to me will be a pretty good substitute but nothing compares to him actually sleeping ON me. It’s the best. BUT! Mama says I get to do one Papa Time a week, which will be the next one today. Hopefully we haven’t lost the magic touch. Time to stop drinking water in case Baby wants to make it a long one.

Mama goes back to work tomorrow. Big changes happening.

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