He’s walking! He’s dancing!

Baby started walking on 11/2/14.

Featured image

What started as four or five steps has turned into to an all-out assault on wherever he pleases. He terrorized Whole Foods this morning by pushing the full size grocery cart (and other people’s carts), grabbing random items, and sliding around foot stools. He now can’t make up his mind between his needy desire to be picked up (“UP!”) and adventurous cravings (“DOWN!”). Sometimes he’ll just say “Up! Down! Up! Down!” while in one place. He may be losing his mind in all this excitement.

Speaking of Up! If you try to put him down against his will, he grasps against you like a monkey and pretty much holds himself up.

About this dancing business. Pretty much any song gets played in the house and he raises his hand and starts waving it. He has a surprisingly smooth dancing motion for being such a little baby. This kid likes to move. Dancing parties are now breaking out in the kitchen on the daily.

Little update on the sleeping arrangement. Mama was getting cold and lonely in the other room so she’s made her way back in. Baby isn’t ready to let her sleep through the night when she’s in bed so we’ve set up a baby bed next to ours. Baby falls asleep, we steal snuggles and kisses, then put him into his little annex. It’s actually going pretty well, as long as Mama isn’t next to him. Most nights he sleeps a solid 8 hour chunk. Amazing!

Not sure what’s going on here, but everything about Baby just seems to get better and better. He’s a sweet and beautiful creature and only wants love from those around him. And constant attention no matter what.

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