Teeth, teeth, and more teeth

The molars have launched an all-out assault on baby and the parents can’t protect him!


Molars are supposed to be the worst, and they’re coming one after another. Poor little guy, the nights have been rough. He’s waking 2 or 3 times in pain and we’ve adjusted by invited him into the bed. We’re basically embracing a sleep regression out of sympathy. Another casualty has been his appetite. He really hasn’t been into eating this past week and that’s been making a pretty hungry boy in the night. Lots of milk being provided in the night.

But we’ve turned a corner today! He’s had a big eating day and the parents are very excited.

So other things. I think Baby is pretty close to running. He also just keeps getting more and more into playing games and participating in everything imaginable. Mama was putting together a crib and Baby insisted on helping with the screws. To the point of preventing Mama from getting it done. He later got very upset when I wasn’t letting him stir the soup. This was after he flipped a bunch of ingredients out of the pot during his first round of stirring. He very much wants to do all the grown up things.

And the words keep coming. It’s actually at the point where he sometimes demands things that I don’t understand. He might point towards a counter full of things and say “Ah Doooo!!!!” What do you want, Baby? This is actually part of something that might be a thing: Baby is learning different words and games from different people at different times. Baby and I have a game where I chase him with the colorful hand puppet monster. He flies around, clings to high spots, looks around and sees Baby, then swoops down and attacks him. I had to show the nanny what this game was because he was bringing it to her while I’m away and requesting the fun. When I don’t understand something Baby is asking for, I’m probably failing to do something that another person has done. Tough to keep things consistent.

What’s going to be next with this little creature?

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