Merry Christmas!

For the first time since January I have some time off (one week) from work!


Starting Monday, I had big dreams of spending a few days bumming around the city. Catching a matinee, eating anywhere, reading at coffee shops and updating this blog, etc. Then tragedy struck: Sickness hit the house. Mama had a stomach bug and then got a bad cough. I got the bug as well and the first 48 hours of the week was miserable. Mama is still dealing with the cough, but we’re both feeling better. Christmas sort of came and went as we strived for recovery.

Anyway, let’s update: This whole business regarding Mama being back to work has worked out relatively well. Still, it’s taught Mama that she would prefer to have a part-time job. Care has been split up between the Lala (Mama’s mom) for three days and a Japanese nanny for two days. Japanese, because part of the plan pushed forward by Mama is to get Baby exposed to another language. It’s been very amusing to see Baby learn Japanese words. He knows mado (window), wani (alligator), me (eyes), hana (nose), mimi (ear), and maybe a dozen more.

Speaking of knowing words. I took Baby to a Peps gathering sans Mama over the weekend and it was striking to see the comparison of vocabulary. Other toddlers his age mostly knew sounds and some maybe one or two words. He surprised people when he’d point at animals and say their names or make their sounds. It was really hard not to then showcase all the words he knows. What could not be stopped, however, was the following: Baby would say Up! and point to the ceiling and it got the attention of other parents. Then he’d say Down! and point to the earth. By then a small crowd had formed and people were laughing and following along. My little performer then stood up for the Up! and crouched down for the Down! My favorite part was him holding his Down! pose for that extra couple seconds, index finger on floor, face down, for added theatrical impact. He knows how to take his audience on a journey.

Lastly, a new move by Baby is to walk up to you and give a hug. It’s pure sweetness and nothing any other baby will ever do can match it.

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