Words, words, words

Baby’s vocabulary is getting ridiculous and he’s starting to put sentences together.

IMG_5008He also managed to walk his first doggy despite us not owning one.

Let’s get this down for the record: Baby’s favorite song is Uptown Funk. If I appear to be turning music on he’ll say “funk!” I also picked him up and danced during the first five times we listened to it so he now has that expectation every time. I actually can’t get away with playing the song without dancing with him.

Some things haven’t changed: he still loves to hide under me when I’m on all fours and loves it when I act like I don’t know where he is.

Some things have changed for good: he no longer says “hungul” when he’s hungry or “topu” when he wants tofu. He knows the proper pronunciation now, thank you very much.

A lot of communication is going on these days. Some samples:

Papa: Should I get Baby?! (meaning, should I attack Baby?)

Baby: No!

Baby: Pick up!

Papa: Can you ask nicely?

Baby: Pleeeeease.

Papa: In Japanese?

Baby: Kudasaaaai.

Baby noticing his broom under the couch.

Baby: Baby’s.. broom.. under.. the.. couch!

Baby trying to get Mama to do something.

Baby: Snuggle Mamaaaaa.

Weather’s getting better and Baby is loving it. We now have a fence so it’s easier to spend more time in the yard. Digging is actually one of his favorite hobbies (along with doing downward dog while saying “upside down!”) so more and more time is being spent outside. He’s also becoming less and less a liability to himself around stairs, which is a nice gift to his supervisors.

Could the next step be extended periods of time self-entertaining? I have dreams of sitting in a hammock with a book while Baby happily plays nearby.

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