Almost 22 months old and can’t stop growing

A six week recap is overwhelming so let’s take a snapshot in time.


Baby may not be such a baby anymore. He’s running around, talking, digging, and generally making his preferences known. Those preferences tend to be wanting to play independently when parents want snuggles and kisses, and wanting snuggles and kisses when parents want him playing independently.

He is obsessed with digging and all things yard work. I’ve yet to discuss the average salary expectations of this industry because this passion may benefit our property once he learns something other than to dig up what we just planted. We’re actually making some really good progress on the yard because it’s a feasible project to combine with child care. Mama gets all the credit for making sure this happens because, in her words, if it was up to me I would spent my weekends sitting in a hammock. This may or may not be true (it’s true) but I question her judgement of buying me a hammock to if it’s a situation she wants to avoid.

It’s time to talk about the kissing. Baby has graduated from pressing his mouth against us to actually making his lips smack for a proper kiss. We are all over this. “Can you give me a kiss?” is a phrase now heard in our house more often than “can you check if Baby needs a diaper change?” He also kisses the animals on the page of books we read.

He is talking in his sleep. And by talking, I mean repeatedly yelling random words and phrases. Anything from “seaweed!” To “goodnight kisses!” Usually goes 25-30 times before things go quiet again. Sleep is otherwise going well. With long and hot days in full force now, bed time is often just past 9pm. This is starting to take a toll on my 5am wake up call for work but his ability to sleep in past 6am most mornings has done wonders for Mama. As of this week, he’s actually asking for a blanket which makes me very happy! I’m the one that wraps him up in multiple layers during the winter because he’d get angry if we insulted him with even the slightest of contact between a blanket and his free-livin’ toes. Learn to love a nice warm blanket on a cold night already.

Summer has indeed come early and we are enjoying all the outdoor time. My hope for the next milestone: when we sit down for a picnic in the park, Baby’s goal is anything other than to immediately march away as far from the blanket as possible.

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