Almost Two

I think we’re no longer supposed to count in months after Baby hits two years old?


The family went to the pool yesterday and had a great time. Baby has been doing this every week with Lala but this was my first time seeing him swim. He loves wearing the floaty arms and being left alone – “by myself!” he’ll say when I try to hold him. A very fancy facility, it has a lazy river and a whirlpool that sends swimmers around in circles. That’s Baby’s favorite and it’s hilarious watching him getting washed around in the current.

Something he’s not yet a fan of is being carted behind my bicycle in a trailer. At best he’s sort of zoned out and he definitely doesn’t appreciate having a helmet strapped to him. Hopefully he warms up to it because 1. it’s a nice thing to do outside as a family (Mama is there too) and 2. we spent a lot money on the trailer and bicycle racks for my car. My best idea for a plan to accomplish this is to talk to Baby about how much he loves it until it becomes a reality. I won’t be discouraged by the results of using this method to get him eating more vegetables.

It’s time for a joke! Baby says “want some poo poo juice!” I say “what?!” Baby says, with a mischievous expression and tone, “noooooo!” He has put together his knowledge of poo poo and juice to make what he knows to be a ridiculous statement and gets a kick out of the reaction. This is a Baby original, just to give credit where credit is due before we see it on the next Louis C.K. special.

Speaking of jokes, our roommate (the teacher of two-year-olds) marveled at something I hadn’t really thought about: Baby has different ongoing inside jokes and conversations he keeps track of by person. With Roommate, it’s about the broken light on her key chain. With me it’s currently the gorilla game, and so on. I’m assuming that at this point he knows that something he has with one person won’t necessarily be understood by anyone else. Evidence of this is he rarely says things to me that I don’t understand and I’ll occasionally see him interact with someone else and have an exchange that he never has with me. He probably doesn’t demand anyone but me to play the gorilla game either. Lucky them; the gorilla game is very hard on your back.

Baby loves to snuggle and continues being the sweetest boy I’ve ever known.

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