A Day in the Life

And Baby just turned 3 years old!


Quick update: I started a new job. Three months later, I left. Because they asked me to. In planning the next step, we’ve decided it would be great to extend my “leave” to include Baby Sister’s birth. As a result, I’ve been spending more time with Baby lately! The grandma who takes care of him two days a week has been on injured reserve, so in comes Papa to fill in. An average weekday:

6:00am: Baby crawls into our bed and falls back asleep (the “rule” is he stays in his bed until it’s light out, then he can join us).

6:55am: He wakes back up, starts tumbling around and we have a little snuggle fest.

7:10am: He┬ádemands milk. We tell him to ask nicely. He asks nicely, I warm up some milk and bring it to him. He drinks milk while squeezing Mama’s arm and putting feet/legs on me.

7:20am: He starts to play, usually continuing whatever activity he was into before last night’s bed time. Today it was playing with his monkey balloon, purchased for his recent birthday party.

8:15am: I cook some eggs and sausage, we all have breakfast together. Then Mama goes to work. Baby tells me what game we’re going to play. Says things like “do you want to play with me?” and “hey, I have an idea.”

9:15am: Time for the rest-of-morning activity. Today we take the bus to the Pacific Science Center. He loves riding the bus and this is only our second time on a bus ride together so it was a big hit.

1:15pm: Back home, we had lunch while out. Time to clean his silly dirty face and take a nap. He starts his ritual of tumbling around in bed.

1:45pm: He falls asleep. As do I.

2:45pm: He opens his eyes, asks where Mama is, I tell him she’s at work. He scooches his little naked butt towards me and falls back asleep.

3:45pm: His eyes open, immediately says “I think it’s time to wake up.” He’s pretty needy for a little bit after naps before transitioning back to playing in the living room. He’s currently into his monster trucks.

5:00pm: Mama comes home, Baby is happy to see her. We all go for a little walk to the park.

7:30pm: Dinner time. Then play, read books, take a bath.

9:15pm: We tell him it’s time to go to bed in his bed (there’s a whole song about it). He gives Mama one last kiss and snuggle. Most important, he grabs her tricep and gets himself one last squeeze. I think he says something like “one more squish.” He crawls over my face and goes to bed. Falls asleep about five minutes later.

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