Life with two

With that whole Birth Event behind us, we’re left as a two child household.


Well that’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Not 100% sure if Nashi fully understands this a little person who will now be a significant part of his childhood, or if he thinks she’s a temporary guest for us to play with. So far, he’s been really sweet with her. He loves to snuggle her and talk to her and give her attention. Only problem is, it’s similar to how I imagine a hungry Tasmanian devil would take care of a chocolate coated poodle.

He has two favorite activities with her thus far: charging towards her with his toy grocery cart, and screaming at the top of his lungs while she’s sleeping. I suppose a new third favorite activity is demanding Mama put Papaya in her bed so he can snuggle with Mama one on one. Guess I’ll just have to wait until his favorite activities with her are protecting her from boys and teaching her how to box.

So here’s what life is like. Papaya is still in a bit of hibernation mode, so is either sleeping or nursing. This means that one of the parents always has to be with her when Nashi is around (you’d think all the sleeping would make this not the case, but remember the whole grocery cart charging thing). Nashi is going through the usual daily routines, but is sensing the shift of attention and is demanding more than normal. This was expected and we’re doing our best to keep the balance.

Papaya can be a bit fussy in the night but we’re prepared to set up any necessary system to make it through. Mama needs sleep for sleep’s sake of course, but neither of us require it at specific times as it pertains to a work schedule, so I’d have to say it’s all going very well. The self imposed “no phones no tv’s” thing will start once Papaya comes online a little more, which will be any week now I think. This reminds me of that extended stretch of lots of interaction with a baby who can’t speak or play their own games. It’s mostly very boring with occasional spikes of new milestones. It’s those milestones though, and being there for it, that largely defines the special part of this period. And this is our last chance to go through it all, so I’m really happy to be here. Bring it on, little Papaya!

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