Sleep and other updates

Papaya is almost three months old and we have to talk about something.


No, not about how we nailed it at Halloween. We did nail it.

Sleep! We’ve been getting sleep!

Here’s the routine for about two months now: I put Papaya to sleep at around 8:30pm after giving her a bath (I give her a nightly bath because she’s a super chunk, and she needs her various fat creases washed). I hold her in my arms and let her sleep for about an hour or two, as I try not to let my left flexors deteriorate. I then lay her down into a little rocking bed thing, and she stays asleep until about midnight. Mama comes in for a feeding, then goes back to bed. Same thing at about 4:30am. Then wakes up around 7am to start the day.

It’s magic. Very little fussiness during the night.

My future me from January ’17 just materialized to slap me and said something about a four month regression.

Anyway, lots of new baby stuff happening. She’s smiling, almost laughing, discovering her hands, pooping bright clay colors, and lots of cooing. Nashi continues seeming like a giant kid next to the baby. He’s getting better at being gentle with his sister and still loves her (I know because he tells her he loves her). He’s often an emotional mess, but now it’s hard to tell whether it’s because he has a little sister we give attention to, or it’s simply because he’s three and being three is a big deal.

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