She giggles!

But, sick as a dog.


Nashi stayed in his protective bubble and didn’t get sick for the first year, so having a sick three month old is brand new to us. Coughing, sneezing, puking, tears, and lots of snot. No fever though, and the coughing is full of mucus and very productive so that’s good. We’ve created a rainforest in her room with this vaporizer to keep things moving.

But she laughed! She actually laughed with Mama a week ago, but is still cagey about it. This time I was finally able to make her laugh. A little giggle as I made some silly noises and faces. Then she’d had enough of that and went back to being sick.

Speaking of snot: Seattlepapa’s first product review!

The NoseFrida:


This is a must have for getting snot out of a baby’s nose. Works better and easier to clean than the thing where you squeeze the ball. Pro tip: toss out all those extra parts and only use the main pointy thing. All the extra parts are really only there to make parents less grossed out. The design prevents the snot from making it up into your mouth anyway, so why bother with the silly hose and sponge when it just gives you more to clean.

Put this on your list of must haves as a parent, but know that your baby will never look up at you with those loving puppy dog eyes as shown in the picture. They hate it, but it must be done. It’s relatively gentle, but I’m sure it’s a weird and uncomfortable feeling. Amazon link.

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