A new era has begun

Mama has gone back to work so the lucky baby gets her papa!


It’s going to be ok, little Papaya.

We’ve got another two and a half months to go before she hits the big six month mark, which is when we’ll be ready to get Papaya set up with childcare (emotionally ready at least, hopefully). It’s my turn for baby duty, and although it won’t be the full year Mama took off for Nashi, it’s still good for something. An easier transition for Mama to get back to work, and an eventual easier transition for childcare, as I can be around to “test” out nannies in the same way Mama did. We found that to be pretty clutch in overcoming our fear of handing off a baby to a stranger.

Now it’s time to form a strong and lasting bond with my daughter. One that she will hold dear forever and give her the strength and self respect to keep her away from spring break parties and guys in bands. Two months of quality time oughta take care of that.

I think it’s going to be fine. Feeding, napping, walking, baby wipes, and endless narration. Having her watch me dance to Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars while I fold laundry. Getting a little too comfortable baby-talking around other adults. Not showering for days and not noticing puke stains on my shirt. A couple months of this, and still be able to come across as a sane professional in interviews.

It’s day four and so far so good. Luckily, Mama works about ten blocks away so Papaya can still smell the local milk supply.

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