The Frozen epidemic

I’ve heard about it. But with only a newborn at the time of the movie’s release, we were safe. Until now.


I actually do pretty well keeping Nashi away from tv. I’m not ready to have that ritual creep into our house too soon, since there’s no turning back once it happens. Still, we do resort to it in a pinch. Daniel Tiger, Blippi, and Bob the Builder are his parent-approved favorites, and it’s a go-to when he’s sick or I need to give him a haircut.

Back to Frozen.

Nashi loves the shit out of this movie. Mama put it on while the family dealt with sickness, and the final straw for her was when she herself became too sick to chase kids around the house. Holiday season is not a bad time for a little snuggling on the couch too. Because of Nashi’s minimal exposure to this kind of thing, he’s mesmerized. The songs, the magic, the talking snowman, the princesses, the dresses… He’s so into it. I could just sit there and watch him watch the movie.

Last night at bedtime he said he wanted to talk about Frozen. I gave him a choice, bedtime books or turn off the light and talk about Frozen. He chose the latter. Elsa and Anna are sweet! Yes they are. Why was Elsa sad? Because she hurt her sister. Why did she hurt her sister? It was an accident. Why was it an accident? I think she was scared. Who was scared? Elsa. Why was Elsa scared? She was worried she might hurt someone. Why would she hurt someone? Because Anna took off her glove. Why would that hurt someone? Her hands make ice, and that ice can hurt someone if she’s not careful. She turned the fountain into ice! Yes she did. This goes on for about thirty minutes. Why was she scared? Nashi, let’s go to bed. We can talk about Frozen more in the morning. Ok.

First thing in the morning: Why was she scared? Huh, what? Who? Oh, Elsa? Yeah. Because Anna took off her glove. Her gloves make ice, right? I think her hands make ice. Who was wearing the blue shirt? What blue shirt? Maybe it was Elsa? I think it was Anna. Oh. You’re probably right. Can we watch the rest of Frozen?

In another post, we need to discuss wtf is up with kid movies having to be centered around themes of parents dying, children dying, siblings dying, kidnapping, attempted murder, actual murder, psychological torture, violence as conflict resolution, violence as comedy, and various surprisingly scary stuff that I didn’t fully appreciate until I naively put on Finding Nemo for Nashi almost a year ago, which just so happens to include ALL OF THE ABOVE.

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