Four month regression

Night time has not been the right time.


It is upon us. One of the most feared three word combos for parents. Papaya has been waking every ninety minutes the past couple nights, and we are now exactly three days away from her four month birthday. Why is this a thing?

I actually read somewhere that this is a very important and positive indicator of development, that this should be considered more of a progression than a regression. That did make me feel better.. back when I read it. But now it’s happening, and whoever wrote that can suck it.

Hold on, I have to time travel real quick and slap myself a few months ago for bragging about sleep. K done. I’m calm. You’re freaking out.

I still appreciate what a good sleeper she has been, and we’re fairly well rested from the last four months to tackle this. She now sleeps in her crib, a flat surface. Yay for moving up to a flat surface, but boo for no longer being able to rock her bed. This is what we’ve used up until now:


For being so simple (and cheap!), it’s been the best thing ever. Worth every penny for use in the early days. She sleeps fully swaddled during naps, and swaddled with her arms out at night. She’s able to roll to her side now, but not yet all the way to her belly.

Last night wasn’t as bad as the nights before, but I’m assuming we’ve got a ways to go. The regression supposedly lasts two to three weeks (“or maybe more” they say, just to be upsetting). We probably won’t know it’s over until we suddenly realize she’s been sleeping better for a week or so. Here’s to that day coming sooner than later.


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