Regression no more?

We’re now going on four or five nights of things being not terrible.


We’re now trying to get her in bed by 8pm, and she tends to sleep about three hour chunks through the night. Not great, but not something I’d describe as a regression. We’ve even had a few great nights, with a four or five hour chunk thrown in there once in a while. What a good baby.

This new development has potentially come with a price, however. For the past three days in a row, she’s only had thirty minute naps. She used to be good for one three hour nap a day, and the rest anywhere between thirty and ninety minutes. But not now. Just thirty minutes each time. About enough time for me to get nice and ready for a little baby break, only to hear the squawk of a waking baby. Most computer related activities (like this blog) have ground to a halt.

It’s all worth it though, to not have a baby waking every hour and a half. That shit is rough.

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