New project!

It’s called Copy a Picture of Nashi by Taking a New One of Papaya at the Same Age.


It’s a working title. That’s the kiddos at about four months. My second attempt was much better, also at about four months.


More to come.

1/21/14 and 2/14/17


4/17/14 and 5/12/17

Both about seven and a half months:


8/10/14 and 5/22/17

Bigger age gap but excited Mama joined the party with this one:

Image-1 (1)

5/31/14 and 6/14/17IMG_1274

6/19/14 and 6/29/17

Image-1 (2)

Bonus winter ’16 and ’17


12/7/14 and 1/4/18


12/20/14 and 1/5/18


3/18/15 and 9/1/18


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