Having two is hard

It’s like having both a baby AND a toddler.


So we have this three and a half year old, Nashi, who needs a lot of attention right now.


But with that attention, he needs to test power and boundaries, mostly by driving us crazy. Now that he knows all the rules, how much breaking of said rules can he get away with? Now that he knows why we have those rules, how many times can he still ask “why?”¬†We need all hands on deck to survive this situation. Lots of patience, time, and sleep.


So we had a new baby. Seems insane. But things were different 14 months ago.


That’s a little closer to why we had a baby. Nashi, January 2016, aka roughly around the time Papaya was conceived. Having a great time at the park, easy going, and sleeping through the night.

But here we are. I do want two kids, so at least we didn’t wait until now, when the thought of managing a baby along with a threenager would’ve scared the shit (and fertility) out of us. We just have to survive a little longer. What comes next will be either Nashi grows a little bit out of the clingy and testiness, or Papaya requires a tad less attention and gets more sleep. Hopefully both.

Or the parents simply break into pieces and dissolve into the earth.

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