“All in all he’s doing great”

That statement is haunting our world right now.


I had a very optimistic conclusion in my last post and sadly, it proved inaccurate. It may have been more accurate to say “my son is a butt face.”

Ok that’s not fair and he’s not a butt face. Conventional wisdom says he wants attention and he acts out when he doesn’t get it. That we divide our attention between him and his sister doesn’t help. That our attention towards his sister looks so attentive and understanding probably doesn’t help either.

His acting out is becoming more egregious, and we’re finding ourselves in this downward spiral of discipline. He’s been learning more things we don’t like, like saying Shoot! and Cut! and gesturing the actions at us (or his sister). The process starts with him not getting something he wants, be it attention, a specific snack, or even food on a specific plate. Then he takes Papaya’s toy and runs it out of the room. “Nashi please bring that back” I’d say, and he doesn’t. Like many similar situations, I totally make up a tactic that seems appropriate. “I’m asking nicely, Nashi” sounds like a winner so I go with that one. Doesn’t work, so I pull out my next gem: “Is asking nicely not working?” Nope. Now he fires back with a “Shoot!” at me. See how this is escalating? Now I have to deal with the new offense, while keeping the original issue in tow. “What did we say about saying shoot like that?” is how I jump head firstĀ into an abyss of nagging parent cliches.

Thinking about what a joy our next Suzuki session will be, we also have the immediate task of getting Nashi ready for school, getting Mama to work while sleep deprived, and continuing to infuse little Papaya with the loving and joyous home life she’s been fortunate enough to be born into.

Might as well take this opportunity to also announce that I failed to get Mama anything for valentines day this year.

Our new president promised I’d get tired of all the winning I’d be doing. Eagerly waiting..

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