Surprise – we’re moving!

We just wanted to see how it felt to suddenly turn our lives upside down.


So here’s the timeline of how it all went down:

Friday – everything’s normal, minding my own business.

Friday night – hey look that house next to our friends is on the market and open house is tomorrow. We should take a look just for fun.

Saturday afternoon – cool layout. The house actually needs lots of updating but what a great space for kids. What a great space for OUR kids. Right next door to friends with same age kids. On a residential street. I wish we were off the main road. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in THIS house? Like, seriously. What, should we make an offer? Maybe we should. Ok let’s.

Monday – pre-inspection. Crap, turns out this place needs lots of work. Who cares we’ve spend two days talking about how much we love this place. Let’s make an offer.

Tuesday – Offer made. Offer countered. Counter offer accepted. We’re buying a house. Now we have to move out of our house within a week or so, have a bunch of work done to make it nice, and sell our house. All within three or four weeks.

Fast forward to present day, about a month later. We moved out of our one month rental this morning and will move into our multiple month rental later today. Not a lot of blogging time as of late but lots of kiddo implications with this whole thing so lots to discuss. Will leave on this note:

RIP MY PRECIOUS GARAGE. Proud to see you grow up so strong and beautiful. I’m sorry for not spending any leisurely time with you.

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