The fifth week

Baby is getting a little more fussy.

photo (5)

But still the most precious thing you’ll ever see!

He is more dependent on attention and contact to stay calm, but seems to maintain his chill baby status quite well. He spends some time during the day quiet and alert (but I’m at work and miss out!). The hardest part of his schedule is that night time, evidently, is party time. Gets a good couple of meals and naps in during the day, and once he senses the parents are ready to go to bed, the disco ball descends from the heavens and Kool and The Gang starts to play in his little baby head.

Now the plan is I baby sit while Wife sleeps a shift. Then around midnight we change Baby and Wife takes over and I go to bed. We stumbled upon this strategy last night and are attempting it again today. The merciful wife modified the plan to allow me a midnight bedtime (last night was 1am).

Another key detail: Baby has taken to saving up his poops for as long as two full days, then unloading all of it in a short period. This is his little game.

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