Well if I didn’t already think I was done for with this little baby, the smile has sealed the deal.


But first thing’s first: we’ve discovered Baby’s most favorite thing in the world (besides breast milk). A small back-lit curtain. Two specific curtains, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. When its light glows through the white fabric from the outside, Baby is mesmerized. He stares at that thing like it’s the northern lights. We haven’t actually tested how long he’d continue staring if we didn’t need to occasionally change and feed him. I think he’d go 2-3 days. I suppose changing light conditions will prevent us from ever knowing.
So let’s talk about this smile for a second. Where did this come from, and why was he holding out on us for 6 or 7 weeks? Prove to me you love me unconditionally and I’ll reward you with smiles? Jokes on you, Baby, your little sleeping face was already a treat for papa.
But now we have the smile! Still only busting it out on special occasions, but I can tease it out of him at least once a day. His whole face lights up and it makes me giddy. It’s now occurring to me that at some point when I least expect it, he’s going to sprinkle in a little giggle with that smile. If that happens for the first time on a weekday morning I’m not going in to work.
Hoping to do a decent amount of complaining on this blog to balance it out, but don’t have the material yet. Surprise good news for future parents out there: shit don’t stink while exclusively breast feeding! What? What’s with all those scenes from movies where you open the diaper and your head jerks back like a horse just farted in your face? Maybe that’ll happen when he starts eating normal person food. Or when I put him on a cheese and sauerkraut diet.
I suppose I can say getting 6 hours of sleep a night with a full time job isn’t pleasant, but it’s not torture either. Wife has it much worse in the sleep department. Speaking of mama duties, it’s almost time to change the little guy and bring him in for a feeding. He’s sleeping next to me right now and one of his hands is inexplicably up in the air. What a weirdo!

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