Don’t forget about the first born!

Feeling the need for a comprehensive Nashi update.


If you recall this boy’s love of Frozen, you’ll know that what you see there is definitely Olaf. So first thing’s first: we haven’t allowed the movie back into our lives yet, but we do let him listen to the soundtrack on Spotify almost daily. His favorite song is of course Let It Go. Mine is the Olaf song. Yes, I like the soundtrack too. So what.

Bunch of stuff:

  • He started at a forest school twice a week, four hours each day. He spents the entire time outside in the forest and it’s awesome. Mama is particularly excited about this.
  • He still sleeps in the bed next to us, with no signs of change anytime soon. On a sweet note, he likes to grab by arm and hug it as he falls asleep.
  • On a related note, he’s afraid to be in a room by himself. This started several months ago, and it’s an expected development in toddler’s his age.
  • Super disturbing, but fortunately only happened once. He’s next to Papaya, holding a measuring tape, and says “I’m not going to kill her with this.” Um, good? This occurred shortly after watching Frozen multiple times, in which there’s a scene where they use the word kill. I didn’t show him any reaction, and he’s since seemingly forgotten the word. He does use the phrase “I dead you!” to indicate the same thing, which he learned at preschool. I do┬áprefer this over “kill.”
  • A few months ago, he began proudly declaring that he doesn’t love me. Like, many many times a day. To drive the point home, he would add that he does love Mama, and does love Lala (grandma). Alright, take it easy. In the middle of the night while in a sleepy stupor, he would tell me that he loves me. But the I don’t love you thing continued for a few weeks, and spread to declaring the other various people in his life he doesn’t love. Mama and I decided to start telling him that wasn’t a nice thing to say. A few days of that and he stopped.
  • He’s decided that squatting over me, making a fart sound, and saying “I pooped on you” is hilarious. I do my best to hide the fact that I agree.
  • He’s decided that pulling his penis out, saying “pshhhhhh” while waving it around like a firehouse is hilarious. I do my best to hide the fact that I agree.
  • He gets devastated by random things. Like, totally fine one minute then howling and crying the next. He wanted the light blue plate, not the dark blue plate. He wanted to leave the building through that door, not this door. This is actually not a super new thing, but has gotten more sudden, extreme, and unpredictable as of late. Threenager meets adjustments to having a sibling?
  • He loves all books written by Julia Donaldson and we’ve spent countless hours reading them. A recurring library favorite.
  • He’s spent many months taking weekly swimming lessons with Lala and he’s getting much more confident in the water.
  • He loves superhero capes.

All in all he’s doing great. He loves to joke around and dig stuff. He claims he can freeze things with his hands. He’s always pushing boundaries with the level of noise he can make around his sister. He loves his mama more than anything in the world.

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